Starting in Spring 2019, planning events will become an event.

Visitor management that is as unique as the events you manage with it. Secure a trial month today.

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With go~event you can perfectly represent any event, large or small.
Planning from events to events.

This is how go~event is helping

Quick familiarisation

Intuitive onboarding of new employees.

easy integration

Easy connection to your in-house system.

clean data

Support of your employees through intelligent user guidance

more revenue

Sales increase through appropriate product recommendations

high range

Use of all common sales channels for optimal reach

direct booking process

Optimized workflows, higher throughput, more revenue.

easy setup

Login, configure and sell within 10 minutes.

many languages

Multilingualism for expansion into international markets.

individual adaptation

Documents and online shop can be designed according to your brand.

With the knowledge from successful collaboration

go~event stands on solid ground. We have practical experience from working with almost 100 of Germany's largest museums, 4,352,000 tickets sold and 11,930 booked events per day. This guarantees tried and tested and well thought-out processes and thus provides an advantage that you can experience directly.

Museum Barberini Potsdam
Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Lange Nacht der Museen Hamburg
Lange Nacht der Museen
MUuseumsdienst Berlin
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

We love culture

And that's why you only pay for what you need.

Because art, culture and joie de vivre are something priceless, we offer you flexible price models that match your requirements. Non-profit and educational institutions can benefit from particularly attractive conditions:

Free events remain free of charge even with go~event.

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